Setting up a custom domain with GitHub Pages

DNS for GitHub Pages

Get Ready with Sub-domain and Apex Domain @ Github. I will get a new Blog Name in the next Days or Weeks. However, i think i will do that right now, when i have more Time to do it. I have always a very nice New name in Mind. I Think it will be .io Domian Name. Maybe i will use a custome Blog Name (Apex-Domian) or a (Sub-Domian). We will see it. -

Sub Domains

A subdomain is configured with a CNAME record through your DNS provider (There where your domain is Registered). We strongly recommend that you use a custom subdomain for these reasons:

It gives your GitHub Pages site the benefit of our Content Delivery Network.Content Delivery Network. -Wikipedia It will not be affected by changes in the underlying IP addresses of GitHub’s servers. Pages will load significantly faster because Denial-of-service Attack protection can be implemented more efficiently.

Apex Domains

An apex domain is usually configured with an A, ALIAS, or ANAME record through your DNS provider and is often assigned to one or more IP addresses.

I will set up my Apex Domain @ Github, because i do host my Stuff and Website on Github. - There also some Points to set up one to your Repositories. So far i have create a User, Organization, and Project Pages. Which one can do everybody, if you have a Github account. You need also One to get Set Up your Github Pages .

So now we use a Apex Domain Name ( or a Sub-Domian Name ( So we have get some Functions of the Cname. About custom domains for GitHub Pages sites

If you’re using a Custom Domain to redirect your GitHub Pages site, you must create and commit a CNAME file to your GitHub Pages repository that contains the custom domain. Adding a CNAME file to your Repository

ps: I give everysite a SSL Certificate to be mostly Safe - Both types of Pages are served over HTTP, not HTTPS. You shouldn’t use them for sensitive transactions, like sending passwords or credit card numbers. -

Submit a CNAME file to your GitHub Repo

Set Up the DNS

Add New file save ass CNAME

Login in your NameCheap Account got to All Host Records. Then set up the DNS
and configuring (IP/ Adress/URL to and the Record Type to A and TTL 1800)

set the Subdomain @ IP Adress/URL to and the Record Type to CNAME (Alias)

in the Sub-Domian Settings add an @ in the first - field. and add the IP Adress with the end .154 and type Record Type A (Adress) and TTL 1800

Lucas Gatsas

Save a ll your Settings !

Do you can see the Web Page Test here

Update to the CloudFlare.

First Sigin in your CLoudFlare Setting up the CNAME and A Record.

Lucas Gatsas

Add the Nameserver to your Domainpoint!

Lucas Gatsas

Set Up your https://

Lucas Gatsas

Set your ssl to Flexible inside your Interface @ Cloudflare. Wait for a Moment. If you Stuck, contact they. Awesome Supporters Outhere!

Lucas Gatsas

Open your Terminal : See your Changes :

Dig your domian : $ dig

and curl -I

After 24 Hours i checked out my Nameservers! Awesome to see the Changes!

Lucas Gatsas

Status: Lucas Gatsas

To automatically forward HTTP requests to HTTPS , you can create a Page Rule by:

Open the Page Rules interface. Entering http://** as the URL pattern.

Choose "Always use https."

Click "Add rule."

Lucas Gatsas

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This is a SwissWatch! :)

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